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Local Attractions

The Pacific Palisades is the official area of the wedding. But you have access to [Santa Monica], [Beverly Hills], [Hollywood], [Westwood Village], [UCLA], [Topanga State Park], [Will Rogers State Park] and [Beach], [The Getty Villa], [Santa Monica Pier] (one of my favorite sunsets), and miles and miles of [hiking paths] and [beaches] to walk and play on. There are soooo many wonderful [restaurants] to choose from as well. That’s simply to name a handful of things to do in the area.

If you’ve never been to [Los Angeles] and the greater area, I encourage you to plan to stay a few days, if possible. It’s absolutely beautiful and has something for everyone. Night clubs, comedy shows, hiking, beach going, museums, wineries, and on and on.

If you’re worried about traffic, my recommendation is use the many car services available; Uber, Lyft, yellow cab, tour buses, or limo services. If you’re like me and like to drive, don’t be afraid of a little (a lot!!) of traffic. Do your research. There is traffic in most cities. This one is no different. I’ve driven it many times and found it not as horrible as some places. Have patience and don’t expect to get anywhere real fast. Plan your drive. — Shilo